The Broke Agent Guide To...

Making a Meme

Real estate leads to pain. Pain leads to humor. Humor leads to Memes. Memes lead to laughs. Laughs lead to engagement. Engagement leads to exposure. Exposure leads to LEADS. Leads lead to sales. Download it's Free.


Inside of this Ebook, you will learn... 

How humor through memes can positively impact your real estate marketing.

How to make a still image meme - From the thought where to find the image, to what apps to use!

The Do's and DO-NOTS of the Meme Game.

How to make a VIDEO meme! Step it up a notch and create video memes.

About The Author

Meet Eric Simon, the CEO and Founder of the self-anointed number one comedy and entertainment brand in real estate. 

In 2015 Eric made the "difficult" decision to table a career as a full-time real estate agent in Los Angeles to focus primarily on creating funny content for Instagram, providing relatable comedic relief to agents worldwide. Great decision because now I have my SECOND Ebook!

Today, The Broke Agent brand has accrued almost half a million followers across all major social platforms making Eric an "expert" at social media, branding, and how to gain, and maintain attention online. He even speaks at a real estate conference once every two years! Wow!

Look at me acting like I didn't write this myself in the third person...The picture of me on the right was from five years ago btw. I look way better than this today. Anyway, just download the Ebook it's literally free. Click that purple button.

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